displacement / reconfiguration

in-progress orchestration - puerto rico 2013



displacement / reconfiguration


please listen on a sound system with good bass response or use good ear buds

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seven frames showing the displacement and reconfiguration of seven leaves




    Displacement / Reconfiguration  

This piece is derived from a sequence of seven photographs that examine the movement (displacement and reconfiguration) of a cluster of seven leaves as they float downstream.

Each leaf generates a note, the duration of which is determined by the size of the leaf. The positions of the leaves in visual space determines the positions of the notes in acoustic space. Leaves at the beginning of the piece (left) play at the beginning of the piece. The orange leaf at the top of the series gerenates the highest notes while the brown leaf at the bottom generates the bass line.

As the leaves are caught in the current of the stream they begin to swirl and the cluster expands. The resulting score also widens in both the spacing between the notes and the overall pitch range, so the piece get slower and wider as it progresses. The musical piece is an acoustic model of the physical reality.

The philosophy is to generate compositions that are more free than improvised music but not random. This organic music is open and the notes rarely start or end simultaneously. The desired emotional impact of this work is to create an acoustic ambience that can place the listener back in the woods, next to the stream where the photographs were shot.


















    Perpetual Intermix  

multiple music tracks of various lengths
     play simlutaneously, and
     loop perpetually
when the tracks loop they line up differently
     because each is a different length
this generates a new intermix of tones
     continually creting new pieces of music
           or at least new 'variations on a theme'

    These 3 pieces are samples from the Light Pools installation
     in Omotesando Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
     June 2007

The same 3 pieces of music were taken to Kyu Shiba Rikyu
     an Imperial Garden in Tokyo
     where some of the photographs in the Gallery Installation were shot
They were played on 3 portable music players
     in the Garden near the locations
     where the original photographs were shot

  instructions for use:  
    you can start each track independently
     or drag the play head forwards>> or backwards<<
     to change the relative positions
           each time creating a new mix of sound
  the full experience:  
    To hear the full piece, you can:  
    • purchase the OMOTESANDO MIX Audio CD
     and play it on a regular stereo system
purchase CD

• purchase the OMOTESANDO MIX Audio DVD
     and play it on a 5.1 surround sound music system
           and hear the individual pieces
           on independent speakers

purchase DVD
    • purchase 3 separate stereo systems
     and hear the pieces on completely independent
           music systems, the way it is
           installed in the gallery and garden
    • visit a Gallery or Field Installation
     by Steven Berkowitz
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